Welcome to the Denolle Quake Lab

We explore Earth structure and quakes dynamics using large-scale computing of seismic data. We particularly focus on observing earthquake dynamics, predicting strong ground motion, monitoring shallow Earth structure.

We develop high-performance computing tools to process 100+TB data sets of continuous data (see Research) and explore what seismic waves can tell us about geohazards and about the near surface structure.

Our codes are available on our group Github

We are located in Seattle, WA, at the University of Washington, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The PNW is a wonderful natural laboratory to monitor earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, glaciers, and more broadly speaking the subduction-zone environment.

We are looking for new graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate researcher (more info) !


17 September 2022

Welcome Manuela and Akash at UW in Seattle!

July 7, 2022

We welcomed Nick Smoczyk as an URG-Packard funded undergraduate researcher this summer. Nick is performing GPU-enabled template matching on the Cascades volcanoes and clustering of events.

9 March 2022

Welcome Qibin Shi at UW in Seattle!

6 December 2021

Congratulations Dr. Yin Jiuxun for successful PhD defense!

21 September 2021

Congratulations Dr. Tim Clements for your successful PhD public defense!

17 September 2021

Welcome Yiyu Ni at UW in Seattle!

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